Monday, June 20, 2011

Arrival In Lima

Hey everyone! We spent all day traveling today. We left Franklin High at 6:30 and finally made it here in Peru at midnight (1:00 US time). We took a 3 hour plane ride from Boston to Miami. And a 5 hour plane ride from Miami to Lima. We had to navigate the airports and going through customs. We all made it her alive with all our gear and all our team members!  No one mugged us... we are all body guards ;) muaha (This is from Emily Doak). We all miss our families but we accomplished a lot in one full day of traveling. For some of us, we had to overcome the challenge of flying on a plane. We managed to communicate with our spanish speaking van driver, and found our way to the hostel. We all say hi to our families and we miss all of you!

-Doak and Catie

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  1. Congrats on your arrival in Lima! You should contact your In-Country Agent, Maria Gracia. She will come right to your hostel and give you some top tips for your expedition!