Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day one in Lima

Hello Viewers!! So it is about 10 at night in our second night in the hostel with the adorable baby and wonderful couches (but ugly cockroaches) and we are wrapping up an eventful day to say the least We spent all day exploring the wonderfu city of Mira Flores where we just saw a random mariachi band on the street making us feel like we are actually all together in PERU for the first time!! <i would insert smiley face here but these spanish computers are confuzzling>. So basically all day we spent changing money, attempting to book millions (okay well maybe 5) different busses with almost no luck but we prevailed! We also bought an incountry mobile phone and navigated our way around. So as we spent our first day in a new culture we faced some challenging aspects, including adding the Ballestas Islands to our itinerary which we are very excited about.  We also had to learn how to talk on the phone in spanish...not the easiest...and how to kill cockroaches on the wall, and also not to mention the harrowing task of  trying to all fit around a miniscule table at the hostel in a 10 by 10 room
so all is well in PERU as we get settled in this new exciting place for the rest of our trip, and as we get ready to leavefor <paracas tomorrow morning and then travels to Arequipa the next day.
<love you challengers>
aka laura ostrow as typist!!!

Check out the some more pictures here: Picasa!

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  1. Talking on the phone was one of the hardest things I had to do in France. I hated answering my host family's phone, but they made me! I learned a lot from that experience. What a great day you had!