Thursday, June 30, 2011

Road Bumps and Petroglifos

Greetings all!!

As we´ve hit a few bumps in the road during our expedition, we are still in Arequipa though heading to Cusco tonight. Our team has had their ups and downs with health issues but at this point we are feeling better. Even though we lost a few days in Cusco, we are back on track with an updated itinerary that the group helped put together. They weighed the wants of the group and are still going to be able to incorporate all aspects of our trip. Tomorrow will be our first day in Cusco where we will spend 2 nights before heading on a 4 day trek. Unfortunately we will not be able to do Ausengante but we will see glaciar lakes, llamas and picturesque villages. We will then visit Machu Picchu :) and then onto our service project!

Yesterday we went to see Petroglifos and trekked up into the mountains. The group spent the day roaming around rocks and looking at all the carvings. The scenery was quite awesome because we left the green below as we entered the desert. Check out our photos to see exactly what I mean!! Petroglifos!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer, and I know the group is excited to share all of their experiences with you all. They have come a long way in just over a week and Olga and I are excited to see them grow even more in the next 2 phases of our trip!

Ms. B

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